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    • SkyView - An easy-to-use tool that returns digital images of the sky in any waveband from radio through to gamma rays
    • VAO DataScope - Query catalogs and services from the HEASARC and from around the world using a single form
    • Literature - Links to literature search engines and online versions of refereed journals and science magazines

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    Latest News

  • Pulsar Punches Hole In Stellar Disk (28 Jul 2015)
    The double star system PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 contains a star about 30 times as massive as the Sun and a pulsar. According to Pavlov et al. (2015, ApJ, 806, 192) the fast-moving pulsar in this binary appears to have punched a hole in a disk of gas around its companion star and launched a fragment of the disk outward at an average speed of 7 per cent of the speed of light. Chandra is tracking this cosmic clump, which appears to be picking up speed as it moves out.
  • VLA Gould's Belt Survey Orion Complex Source Catalog (17 Jul 2015)
    This catalog listing the radio properties and counterpart information for 374 sources detected by the JVLA at 4.5 and/or 7.5 GHz in large-scale (2.26 sq. deg.), deep (~60 microJy) observations of the Orion Molecular Clouds A and B (from Kounkel et al. 2014, ApJ, 790, 49) is now available in Browse and Xamin.
  • VLA Gould's Belt Survey Ophiuchus Complex Source Catalog (16 Jul 2015)
    This catalog listing the radio properties and counterpart information for 189 sources detected by the JVLA at 4.5 and/or 7.5 GHz in large-scale (~2000 sq. arcmin), deep (~20 microJy) observations of the Ophiuchus star-forming complex (from Dzib et al. 2013, ApJ, 775, 63) is now available in Browse and Xamin.
  • Chandra Cycle 17 Accepted Proposals and Targets Lists Are Now Available (16 Jul 2015)
    The Peer-Review recommended targets and proposals for Chandra Cycle 17, including GTO and GO proposals, joint proposals with other ground-based and/or satellite facilities, archive, theory, large and multicycle proprosals, have now been publically released.
  • Deep XMM-Newton Survey of M33 X-Ray Source Catalog (15 Jul 2015)
    This catalog listing the X-ray properties of 1,296 sources detected by the EPIC cameras in a deep 8-field XMM-Newton mosaic of M33 covering the galaxy out to the D25 isophote down to a limiting X-ray luminosity of 4 x 1034 erg/s at the distance of M 33 (from Williams et al. 2015, ApJS, 218, 9) is now available in Browse and Xamin.
  • INTEGRAL AO-13 General Program Approved (13 Jul 2015)
    The INTEGRAL AO-13 General Program, as recommended by the Time Allocation Committee (TAC) and approved by ESA's Director of Science and Robotic Exploration (Prof. Alvaro Gimenez), has been released and the observers have been informed.
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