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Astro-H/SXS Mission


Calibrating Clusters For Their Use As Universal Probes

The SXS will survey 30 selected clusters to determine the relationship between observational parameters and total mass, the most significant unknown quantity limiting our ability to use clusters as probes of the structure of the Universe The SXS will precisely measure the temperature, pressure, abundances, and internal dynamics of these clusters,including line of sight velocites accurate to ±100 km/s and line widths at the ±300 km/s level on scales of 100 kpc out to a redshift of 0.05.

Abell 2029 with SXS field of view overlaid Abell 2029 Fe K line region with different velocity broadening
Abell 2029 (observed with XMM-Newton) with the Astro-H/SXS Field of View overlaid. Fe K bandpass, simulated assuming 400 km/s (red line) velocity broadening. The Astro-H/SXS spectrum (black) can easily distinguish between models with ±200 km/s different velocities.



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