HEASARC Picture of the Week: 2012

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Title Date
Endings and Beginnings The Year in Review, 2013 December 31, 2012
Ornaments INTEGRAL sources in the Galaxy* December 24, 2012
Black Hole Symmetry The Symmetry of Black Hole jets December 17, 2012
Flash Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope over the thunderous Earth December 10, 2012
Giant Jet Composite image of the most distant X-ray jet known December 3, 2012
A Bridge Too Far Planck Intercluster Bridge November 26, 2012
Shaping the Future Herschel IR and XMM-Newton observation of W44 SNR November 19, 2012
Dead Star Survey Sample from the Chandra Planetary Nebula Survey November 12, 2012
The Fog of Stellar History Fermi observes the fog of cosmic history November 5, 2012
Monster Stirring NuSTAR detected flare from Sgr A* October 29, 2012
Dance of the Veiled Stars XSimulation of colliding wind binary Cyg OB2 #9 October 22, 2012
When Holes Collide Black Hole merger simulation October 15, 2012
Another Hole in the Galaxy New Black Hole Candidate October 8, 2012
The WHIM of the Milky Way Artist interpretation of the hot halo around the Milky Way October 1, 2012
Will Doomed Star Doom Us Too? X-ray & optical image of Eta Car September 24, 2012
Super Powerful Kepler Super Nova? Chandra image of Kepler's supernova remnant September 17, 2012
Pinpointing a Monster Black Hole Keck Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics observation of Sgr A* September 10, 2012
Bubble Bulldozer composite image shows a superbubble in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) September 3, 2012
The Eagle has Landed Neil Armstrong, August 5, 1930 - August 25, 2012 August 27, 2012
The Star Factory Planck (blue) and Fermi (red) all sky images superimposed August 20, 2012
Lights, Camera, Activity XMM Newton observes X-ray variability of 61 Cyg A August 13, 2012
Escaping the Explosion Composite image of SNR MSH 11-16A and IGR J11014 August 6, 2012
Nine Years of the Milky Way INTEGRAL 9 year image of the Milky Way July 30, 2012
The Birth and Death of Stars Composite image of the star forming region N51 in the LMC July 23, 2012
X-Class X-class flare from July 12, 2012 July 16, 2012
Hot Spot X-ray variation of V1647 Ori July 9, 2012
New Star View NuSTAR firstlight image July 2, 2012
The Gamma-Ray Sun LAT image showing the entire sky on March 7 in the light of gamma rays with energies beyond 100 MeV June 25, 2012
Stargazer and NuSTAR launch of  NuSTAR June 18, 2012
Lost Chandra/HST images of CID 42 June 11, 2012
Echolocating a Black Hole Artist view of active nucleus of NGC 4151 with solar system orbits for scale June 4, 2012
The Pinwheel Composite view of M101 May 28, 2012
A Breakthrough Chandra/HST image of SN 2010jl May 21, 2012
Wonderful Wandering Wake Mira UV wake May 14, 2012
A Black Hole Too Big? Composite image of ULX in M83 May 7, 2012
Swift Snows of Yesteryear Sublime Swift UVOT image of Comet Garradd April 30, 2012
Cool Science Final IceCube detector being placed under the Antarctic ice April 23, 2012
What Cen A Ate Herschel IR and XMM X-ray image of Centaurus A April 16, 2012
What is the Matter? dwarf spheroidal galaxy in the constellation Fornax? April 9, 2012
ISCO Facto? Artist interpretation of accretion disks around spinning and non-spinning black holes April 2, 2012
Double Degenerate? merged X-ray view of SN Ia by Swift March 26, 2012
We Have Ignition This graph based on RXTE data provides an overview of the changing character of T5X2's X-ray emission during outbursts from Oct. 13 to Nov. 19, 2010. March 19, 2012
March Wind Artist impression of the black hole wind in IGR J17091-3624 March 12, 2012
UFOs from AGN Artist Rendition of an ultra-fast outflow near an AGN March 5, 2012
ULX Unmasked X-ray image of the ULX February 27, 2012
Planck meets Fermi Planck (blue) and Fermi (red) all sky images superimposed February 20, 2012
Black Hole Meteors? Are asteroids falling into the Milky Way's Black Hole? February 13, 2012
Which Way to Explode? Chandra image of G350.1-0.3 February 6, 2012
NuSTAR Birth Pre-launch NuSTAR January 30, 2012
Coming Your Way SDO image of January 19, 2012 solar flare January 23, 2012
Jet Taking Off VLBA and X-ray studies of jet from H17430=-322 black hole January 16, 2012
Time Flies Pre-launch RXTE January 9, 2012
Slowly Turning X-ray/optical image of outer SMC+SXP 1062 January 2, 2012

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