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cyclabs: absorption line, cyclotron

A cyclotron absorption line as used in pulsar spectra. See Mihara et al., Nature, 1990 or Makishima et al. PASJ, 1990.

M(E) = exp[-D_f*(W_f*E/E_cycl)^2/((E-E_cycl)^2+W_f^2) + D_2h*(W_2h*E/(2E_cycl))^2/((E-2E_cycl)^2+W_2h^2)]

par1= Df

depth of the fundamental

par2= Ecycl

cyclotron energy

par3= Wf

width of the fundamental

par4= D2h

depth 2nd harmonic

par5= W2h

width of the 2nd harmonic