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sresc: synchrotron spectrum, cut off by particle escape

The synchrotron spectrum from an electron distribution limited by particle  escape above some energy. The electrons are shock-accelerated in a Sedov  blast wave encountering a constant-density medium containing a uniform  magnetic field. The model includes variations in electron acceleration  efficiency with shock obliquity, and post-shock radiative and adiabatic  losses, as described in Reynolds, S.P., ApJ 493, 357 1998. This is a  highly specific, detailed model for a fairly narrow set of conditions. See also Reynolds, S.P., ApJL 459, L13 1996. Note that the radio spectral  index and flux can be obtained from Green's Catalogue at for galactic SNRs.



alpha: radio spectral index (flux proportional to frequency f^-alpha)


break Hz: approximately the frequency at which the flux has dropped by a factor of 6 below a straight power law extrapolation from radio frequencies. This frequency is 5.3 times the peak frequency radiated by electrons with energy Em3 in a magnetic field of 4B1, in the notation of Reynolds (1998), Eq. (19).


1 GHz flux (Jy)