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save: save the current session commands

Save aspects of the current state to a command file.

Syntax:           save <option> <filename>

If no <filename> is given, then the file savexspec.xcm is created. If you don't give the extension to the file name the default is .xcm. The values of  <option> allowed are model, files, and all. The model option writes out commands to recreate the current model and parameter values; the files option writes out commands to read-in the current spectra, and the all option does both of the above. The default option is model. To recover the saved context use the command



XSPEC12> save model fname

// Write out model commands to the file fname.xcm

XSPEC12> save

// Same as above, but save into file savexspec.xcm.

XSPEC12> save files fname

// Write out data file commands.