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show: output current program state

List selected information to the user's terminal (and the log file, if open).

Syntax:           show [<selection>]

where <selection> is a key word to select the information to be printed. If omitted, it is the information last asked for. Initially, the default selection is all.  (Note: to better integrate the usage of OGIP type-II files, much of the information given by “show files” in previous versions is now displayed by “show data.”)

Selections are:

XSPEC12> show abund

//show current solar abundance table


XSPEC12> show all

//All the information


XSPEC12> show allfile

// All file information = files + noticed + rates


XSPEC12> show control

// XSPEC control information


XSPEC12> show data

// File names, associated coefficients, and net count rates,

// displayed in order of spectrum number.  For higher chatter,

// also displays grouping map.


XSPEC12> show free

// Free parameters


XSPEC12> show files

// Equivalent to “show data” but displayed in order of file name.


XSPEC12> show fit

//Fit information


XSPEC12> show model

//The model specification


XSPEC12> show noticed

//Channel ranges noticed for each file.


XSPEC12> show parameters

//All current parameter values (including gain parameters, if any).


XSPEC12> show parameters <par range>

// Show subset of all model parameters given by <par range>,

// e.g. show parameters 1,3,5-8


XSPEC12> show pha

// Current data, error and model values for each channel.


XSPEC12> show plot

//Current plot settings from setplot command, includes rebinning info.



XSPEC12> show rates

//Folded model, correction rates for each file.


XSPEC12> show response

//show responses loaded


XSPEC12> show rparameters

// All current gain (response) parameters


XSPEC12> show rparameters <par range>

// Show subset of all gain (response) parameters


XSPEC12> show xsect

//show description of cross-section table


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