XMM-Newton Users Handbook

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2.4 Sources of information

Information presented in this document and related to scientific data is based on in-flight observations, except for Section 3.3.9 which discusses some effects of pile-up on spectral fits that are based on model simulations using the XMM-Newton Science Simulator (SciSim). The SciSim tool was developed before launch by the SOC for modelling XMM-Newton observations. The last version of SciSim (V4.0) was released in Jan 2005 and kept operational until July 2010, when maintenance and public distribution of SciSim was finally stopped.

Figs. 48-74 in Section for the flux to count rate conversion are based on the HEASARC PIMMS software provided by NASA's XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility and EPIC effective areas available at the SOC.

European Space Agency - XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre