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Please use the addresses below from now on. This redirection page will only exist for a short time - bookmark these addresses now!

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Description of Realtime Data Products & links to data (formerly http://xtesof.nascom.nasa.gov/FITS.html) http://rxte.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/xte/SOF/SOF_data_hp.html
Realtime Data Download site
(formerly ftp://xtesof.nascom.nasa.gov/pub/FITS/)
Pseudo-Production Data Download site
(formerly ftp://xtesof.nascom.nasa.gov/pub/FITS/production)
"Suitability of Target" Web Tool
(used to determine best time to observe a target)
Any other Web pagePlease write via our Feedback form and tell us what page you're looking for. We'll be happy to help you find it.

For questions about scheduling of RXTE observations please send email to xteplan@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov If you have other questions about RXTE, please send email to one of our help desks.

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