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Updates to the manual

Jul 2015 (v12.9.0 release)

·                                  ‘ascac’, ‘projct’, and ‘smaug’ models updated for new ‘key:value’ format of XFLT keywords.

·                                 Expanded linking options in ‘newpar’.

·                                 New model: nlapec.

·                                 New ‘pstat’ section in Statistics Appendix.

·                                 Added ‘nonew’ option to ‘error’ command.

·                                 ‘eqw’ option added to ‘plot’ command, and updated ‘delchi’ description.

·                                 For new mix model capability, updated ‘Syntax Rules’ in ‘model’ command, and models section of Overview.

·                                 Fix made to zpowerlaw equation.

·                                 Corrected error to par3 description of ‘eqpair’ model.

·                                 Typo fixes: c6pmekl and c6vmekl were incorrectly written as c6pmkl and c6vmkl respectively.

·                                 Corrected units (‘km’ to ‘kpc’) for nsmaxg and nsx models.

·                                 Corrections made to ‘abund’ table values: Cl, Cr, and Co in ‘angr’ and ‘feld’, Si in ‘grsa’.

·                                 Fixed several errors in the common description for the ‘equil’, ’(g)nei’, ‘(n)pshock’, and ‘sedov’ group of models.

·                                 Replaced obsolete mention of H0, Q0 cosmology parameters from ‘cflow’ and ‘mkcflow’ model descriptions.

Jul 2014 (v12.8.2 release)

·                                 New models: agauss, nsmaxg, nsx, rnei

·                                 gnei, nei, npshock, pshock, sedov: Updated to AtomDB 3.0, and have new ‘vv’ option.

Aug 2013 (v12.8.1 release)

·                                 New models: cpflux, heilin, lyman, zbabs.

·                                 New ‘pstat’ option for statistics, and new ‘#’ option for ‘whittle’ statistic.

·                                 ‘setplot delete’ now has additional ‘all’ and range options.

·                                 ‘fakeit’ has new ‘nowrite’ option.

·                                 ‘parallel’ has new ‘steppar’ option.

·                                 Updates to ‘tclout’ command’s ‘chain’, ‘stat’, and ‘statmethod’ options.

·                                 The ‘improve’ command has been removed.  It is no longer supported by the new Minuit library that is contained within v12.8.1.

·                                 New ATOMDB_VERSION Xspec.init setting mentioned in ‘apec’ and ‘bapec’ model docs.

·                                 New ‘DGNFLT’ and ‘DGFILT’ routines added to Appendix F.

·                                 Updates and revisions to ‘lrt’ and ‘simftest’ Tcl script commands.

·                                 Updated the default values for the ‘cosmo’ command.

·                                 Correction to gamma equation in lstat description of Appendix B.

·                                 Correction to par2, par9, and par10 description in ‘optxagn’ model.

·                                 In ‘chain’ command, Goodman-Weare is now the default.

Dec 2012 (v12.8.0 release)

·                           Major rewrite and expansion of the ‘Walkthrough’ section, including examples with features that are new for v12.8.0.

·                     New ‘parallel’ command.

·                     New models compmag and comptb.

·                     New ‘test’ option for the ‘statistic’ command, and new choices for statistics.

·                     Enhanced the ‘Poisson data’ subsection of the ‘Overview’.

·                     New <critical beta> option for ‘method’ and ‘fit’ commands.

·                     New options for the ‘chain’ command: ‘type’ and ‘walkers’.

·                     Added several sections in Appendix B for new statistics.

·                     Added ‘plot goodness’ and ‘thin’ option to ‘plot chain’.

·                     Note on grouped spectra added to fakeit.

·                     Note on uniform binning added to gsmooth model.

·                     Updated description for simpl convolution model.

·                     New tclout options: ‘tclout ignore’ and ‘tclout goodness sims’.  Also added units to ‘tclout lumin’ description.

·                     Added to ‘ftest’ a warning against using on a multiplicative component.

·                     Added clarification on trace element abundances when using ‘apec’ and ‘vapec’ models.


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