PyXspec  1.1.0
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The source code distribution of XSPEC is required for using PyXspec
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What's New, including backward incomptabilities with the Beta version.


PyXspec is an object oriented Python interface to the XSPEC spectral-fitting program. It provides an alternative to Tcl, the sole scripting language for standard Xspec usage. With PyXspec loaded, a user can run Xspec with Python language scripts or interactively at a Python shell prompt.

Not all of the full standard Xspec functionality has been implemented (see What's Missing). However we will continue to add to this, and we look forward to hearing users' comments and suggestions to help us prioritize the future work.

About This Manual

The manual contains a Build/Install and Troubleshoot section, a Quick Version tutorial showing basic PyXspec usage, and an Extended Version tutorial for greater functionality. The Quick Version is the recommended starting point for all users.

A class reference guide follows, with descriptions for each of the PyXspec public class methods and attributes. The guide is auto-generated by Doxygen directly from the PyXspec Python code files.


PyXspec was developed by Craig Gordon and Keith Arnaud
HEASARC Software Development, Astrophysics Science Division,
Code 660.1, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt MD 20771

Please send questions, comments, and bug reports to