1figure 1 described below 2figure 2 described below

Figure 1: Spectrum simulated for the ASCA-SIS for a temperature T = 0.8 keV using MEKAL with Arnaud-Raymond (1992) ionization balance for iron and Arnaud-Rothenflug (1985) ionization balance for the other elements (solid line) or using MEKA with the same ionization balances (dotted line).

Figure 2: The same as Figure 1 but for T = 2 keV.

3figure 3 described below 4figure 4 described below

Figure 3: The same as Figure 1 but for MEKA now Arnaud-Rothenflug (1985) ionization balance was used also for iron.

Figure 4: The same as Figure 3 but for T = 2 keV.