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Overview of RPS/WWW Components

  • RPS.pl
    The URL for the proposal forms will point to this script. It identifies the MISSION, and calls the generic software.

  • RPS.generic.targlet.pl
    The heart of the RPS/WWW system. Used by *every* mission.

  • RPS.config.pl
    Contains program variables which specify the location of constituent RPS/WWW files.

  • MISSION.form.pl
    Contains the HTML for describing the proposal form and is closely coupled to the project files. Every mission has a similar, yet unique, MISSION.form.pl file.

  • *.gif files
    Graphics used for decorating the form: icons, buttons, etc.

  • MISSION.help.html
    Mission specific help file. All elements of the proposal form have links to a pertinent section of this file.

  • make.help.html.pl
    A support Perl script that can generate the help file, MISSION.help.html, directly from a mission.phf file. Useful for keeping the online help current.

  • Help.html
    Generic help for the WWW RPS forms.

RPS Development Team: RPS Help Desk
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