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Installing the RPS/WWW Software

  • We assume a working RPS Processor has been configured at your site.

  • Grab the RPS/WWW software and related files.

  • RPS/WWW currently requires Perl 5.

  • Create a convenient install directory, then uncompress and expand the tar file. The tar file is structured to mimic the directory tree on the HEASARC filesystem so that installing the RPS/WWW requires minimal effort.

  • Move the RPS/WWW files to their respective locations within your Web space. The locations should be evident from the expanded tar file. However, the 'MISSION' directory, and the 'MISSION.form.pl' file should be renamed for your particular Mission. i.e if you want to setup for HST proposals, simply rename the directory to 'HST' and the file 'HST.form.pl'

  • Edit the RPS.pl file to specify a mission name. This file is the top-level script and contains a variable to set if debugging is needed. It also has a flag for automated proposal tagging.

  • Redefine program variables in 'RPS.config.pl' to suit your installation.

  • We suggest that you first attempt to get RPS/WWW running as delivered, before customizing the 'MISSION.form.pl' or the software.

  • Once you have a working RPS, you will want to edit 'MISSION.form.pl' to describe the proposal form. Remember this file is closely coupled to the project files. i.e Names for data fields in the HTML strings must match the data fields in the project files verbatim.

  • If you intend to use RPS for multiple missions, create a sub-directory for each mission. Place a copy of 'RPS.pl' and 'MISSION.form.pl' in each sub-directory and edit appropriately.

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