RXTE All-Sky Monitor Definitive Data

This page will allow you to access the definitive data collected by the ASM. Definitive data is analyzed by the ASM team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Archived definitive data extend back to the beginning of the RXTE mission. Our data is updated with their results approximately once a week. Definitive data supercede the real-time data.

Below are two buttons. 'Plot Data' will graph the definitive data on the screen for you and will show the average daily flux intensities measured since the beginning of the RXTE mission, in units of counts per second per SSC (Scanning Shadow Camera), versus the RXTE Mission Day. (This is the number of days since January 1, 1994, a reference date used in this mission.) This graph is called a light curve.

The 'Show Data' button will allow you to download an ASCII file of all the definitive data for your source.

Note: Since the amount of Definitive data is much greater than Real-Time, it may take a few minutes for the plot or ASCII data file to load.