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Receipt and ingestion of original data

The original data, described in the preceding chapter, will be generated on the ISAS mainframe from raw telemetry and mailed to GSFC on 8 mm tape. During the initial PV phase, however, data will be transferred electronically to hardware teams as needed.

As mentioned in Chapter 3, the basic unit of data is the total dumped during each pass. Each tape will contain many passes, possibly including several different pointing directions or only part of the total time requested for a given pointing. On their reception at GSFC--see Fig. 1--the original data will be ingested into the Astro-D database system under a security lock to prevent unauthorized access. The observation log, based on the tape summary file and the planned mission time-line, will be updated to reflect the presence of the new data. The data and data products will be stored on the Astro-D optical juke box which will be accessible only to authorized US and Japanese Astro-D personnel.

The receipt and ingestion of original data is shown schematically in Fig. 1.

Keith Arnaud