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Image generation, source selection, spectral fitting and timing will be performed by suites of software like IRAF/PROS and XANADU which already exist and which some GOs are already familiar with. The main aim of the GOF is to enable these off-the-shelf programs to deal with the Astro-Dfiles. In common with previous X-ray astronomy missions, the purpose of most of the new software--written by the Astro-DGOF--will be to enable the analysis software to cope with the special features of the instruments.

The analysis will be performed interactively by the GOs and automatically by the GOF to produce standard images, spectra, light curves and tables of results. The automatic products and results will be placed in the Astro-D archive and will also be distributed to the GOs. Selected products and results generated interactively will also be placed in the archive. It is expected that early on in the mission the instrument and analysis techniques will not be sufficiently well understood to run this part of the pipeline. It will be run later and the product distributed when feasible.

Keith Arnaud