This is BATSE trigger # 1221

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Location (J2000 degrees)


 The start date: 25/12/91            
 The Start time: 17:08:41            
 The end date  : 25/12/91            
 The end time  : 17:12:40            
 The Burst trigger time (seconds of day) :    61717.4830000000     
 The Burst load time (seconds of day)    :    61719.5489060000     

IBDB background

Start time (day,seconds) 8615 2.32535563D+40 End time (day,seconds) 8615 9.42806056D+39

Trigger Specifics

This burst triggered on the 64 ms time scale

Triggered Detectors:

Burst Processing Comment:

GRB. Weak single peak, faster rise than decay, duration approx. 5sec. Not visible above 300keV. Set solar trigger but location is 23 degrees from sun and spectrum is hard for a flare.

The OSSE view of this burst.

Other data

The full report contains detailed information, about this burst. The fields in this report are explained in this example. Specifics are explained in the BATSE Flight Software Users Manual, currently available via US Mail from the Science Support Center.

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