This is BATSE trigger #6939

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Location (J2000 degrees)


 The start date: 07/23/98
 The Start time: 14:14:56

 The Burst trigger time (seconds of day) : 51296.225422
 The Burst load time (seconds of day)    : 51296.252297

IBDB background

Start time (day,seconds) 11017 45627.150813 End time (day,seconds) 11017 57018.127453

Trigger Specifics

This burst triggered on the 256 ms time scale.

Triggered Detectors:

Burst Processing Comment:

GRB. Single pulse with substructure, dur.~8 s. Not visible above 300 keV. Overwr itten during TTE, so TTE written in file for 6940.

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