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BATSE Image of the Galactic Center Region

BATSE Image of the Galactic Center Region

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This map represents a summation of 14 days of BATSE observations of the Galactic center region in the energy range from 20 to 500 keV. This image of the center of the Galaxy was reconstructed using a technique to analyze Earth occultations. These occultations occur when the edge of Earth passes over the Galactic center as viewed from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. The precession of the satellite orbit causes each area of the sky to undergo Earth occultations at slightly different projected angles allowing the reconstruction of an image. The center of the Galaxy is known to contain highly variable gamma-ray sources, many of which are interacting binary star systems with neutron star and black holes components. Several of these sources are identified on the map. This BATSE imaging technique provides the unique capability of continuously monitoring these variable sources.

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