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COMPTEL Composite Image of the Galactic Anticenter

COMPTEL Composite Image of the Galactic Anticenter

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This image is a composite sky map covering the region of the Galactic anticenter constructed from several observations made by the COMPTEL experiment aboard the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory during the Phase 1 all-sky survey. Several sources are evident and comprise a representative sample of the classes of objects that can be observed by COMPTEL. The intense source toward the center of the field is the Crab pulsar and nebula. Slightly below the Crab and to the left is the quasar PKS 0528+134. Toward the top of the field is the cosmic gamma-ray burst of May 3rd, 1991 (GRB 910503); and toward the edge is the hard X-ray/gamma-ray transient GRO J0422+32 (Nova Persei), observed as a target of opportunity by the Compton Observatory in August 1992. The image is courtesy of the COMPTEL Collaboration.

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