Celebrating the Compton Observatory
Symposium and Dinner
July 19, 2000
Goddard Space Flight Center


8:15 Registration  
9:00 Welcome Al Diaz
9:10 Introduction Neil Gehrels
9:20 The Early Days Carl Fichtel
9:40 NASA Headquarters Perspective Charlie Pellerin
10:00 Highlights from BATSE Jerry Fishman
10:20 Development of the Mission Jerry Madden
10:40 Development of the Instruments Marty Davis
Ron Cline
11:10 Highlights from EGRET Dave Bertsch
11:30 Solar Flare Observations Jim Ryan
11:50 Guest Investigator Program Kevin Hurley
12:00 Lunch (Bldg. 1 Cafeteria)  
1:10 Mission Science Development &
Recognition of Those Who Contributed
Don Kniffen
1:40 The GRO Management Approach Jerry Gliksman
2:00 Mission Management Leading to Launch John Hraster
2:20 Integration, Test and Launch Operations Ernie Gobee
2:40 Highlights from COMPTEL Volker Schönfelder
3:00 Mission Operations Bob Sodano
3:20 Break  
3:40 Mission Operations, Preparations at GSFC Billy Breshears
3:50 Mission Operations, Launch & Development Terry Watson
4:00 Development of OSSE at Ball Bill Purcell
4:20 Highlights from OSSE Jim Kurfess
4:40 The Re-entry Operation Preston Burch
5:00 Future Gamma Ray Missions Alan Bunner
5:30 Reception  
6:30 Dinner MC: Don Kniffen