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Preliminary Requirements

Prior to running the program, a number of environment variables should be set. (See the file KBURST.install.) To manually set an environment variable, use the setenv command e.g.

setenv FITS_DIR ~djk/fits

The program will use these variables to access executables and I/O files as follows. It must also be able to write intermediate files as well as the result file under the current directory.

There are also some IDL library routines that are accessed.

                GSFC library
                 GSFC library 
               GSFC library
                GSFC library
              JHU  library
             UTPLOT Routines        GSFC (
They must be in your IDL_PATH.

A file named 'vp_occul.dat' must also be supplied. This file contains the parameters necessary for the program to calculate the EGRET exposure for each orbit. See the installation document and the following section.