The Great Observatories

CGROCGRO:The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (

The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory examines the universe in gamma rays.
It was launched in April 1991.

Chandra: X-ray Observatory (AXAF) ( Chandra

Chandra will study the universe in x-rays. It is scheduled to be launched in 1999.

HSTHST: The Hubble Space Telescope (

The well-known Hubble Space Telescope, launched in April 1990, was the first of the Great Observatories to be launched. It observes the universe in visible light and ultraviolet light.

SIRTF: The Space Infrared Telescope Facility ( SIRTF

SIRTF will look at the infrared universe. It is scheduled to be launched in late 2001.

(Illustrations courtesy of NASA and the National Air and Space Museum)

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