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\fbox{Summary of Files}

The COS-B effective area matrix file is in the standard effective area matrix FITS format for X-ray astronomy (see the document CAL/GEN/92-019). The effective area is given for 7 energy channels and out to an zenith angle of 30 degrees in 0.5 degree increments.

No dependence on pair angle is made

\fbox{Delivered to CALDB by:}

Brenden Perry (HEASARC)

\fbox{ File Format}

HDUDOC/VERS = CAL/GEN/92-019/1.0.0
(see CAL/GEN/92-019, available on-line as postscript and html versions).

\fbox{Input Datasets, Assumptions, {\it etc}}

No information supplied to the CALDB other than that above.

\fbox{Points to Note}

Mike Corcoran 2001-08-23