NuSTAR FPM Calibration Documents

Document ID Title Description Current Version
CAL_NUSTAR_20220510 (pdf) NuSTAR Gain Tracking describes the methods used to track the long-term gain variations in the NuSTAR detectors 2022-05-10
CAL_NUSTAR_20211020b (pdf) Effective Area calibration of the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope ARray (NuSTAR) Updated calibration of The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope ARray (NuSTAR) using data on the Crab accumulated over the last 9 years in orbit 2021-10-20
CAL_NUSTAR_20211020a (pdf) NuSTAR Gain Tracking Discusses long term variations in NuSTAR detector gains (superseded by CAL_NUSTAR_20220510.pdf) 2021-10-25
CAL_NUSTAR_20150316 (pdf) Gain Calibration Memo Discusses time-dependent variation in NuSTAR detector gains, and first implemented in CALDB 20150316 2015-03-16
CAL_NUSTAR_2012_001 (pdf) NuSTAR FPM Calibration Data in the HEASARC Calibration Database General description of the NuSTAR FPM CALDB 2013-08-15 (first draft)

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