ahfilter -- generate an EHK file and a MKF filter file


ahfilter mkconf attitude orbit reference


'ahfilter' script runs the 'ahmkehk' task to generate an expanded housekeeping file using orbit and attitude files for a given observation, and then runs 'makefilter' to generate an MKF filter file from an input configuration file. This MKF file combines information from various instrument, general housekeeping and auxiliary files for a given observation into a common time order datafile. The EHK and MKF files are used to filter the science data

'ahfilter' takes as input a configuration file that is either an ASCII file or a FITS file, possibly stored in CALDB. The configuration file contains the filename, extension, and column names of the parameters that need to be sampled as well as other characteristics; see the help for 'makefilter' for details on the configuration file format requirements. The tool also requires an observation-specific attitude file ('attfile') and orbit file ('orbfile') that describe the location and pointing of the telescope and are used as input to 'ahmkehk'. An optional time reference file ('reference') and additional CALDB files describing the orbit ('cor2file', 'cor3file', 'saafile') and time sampling of the EHK output file ('tsart', 'tstop', 'bintime', 'textend') are also passed to 'ahmkehk'. See the help for 'ahmkehk' for details.

The tool outputs an MKF file produced by 'makefilter', which can be further used with 'maketime' to create good time intervals (GTI) based on some filtering criteria. See the help for those tools for more information.


mkfconf [filename]
Input makefilter configuration file (or CALDB).

attfile [filename]
Input Hitomi attitude file.

orbfile [filename]
Input Hitomi orbit file, assumed to have the same format as Suzaku version 2 orbit files.

reference [filename]
Input time reference file (or NONE to use the attitude file) if 'tstart' or 'tstop' are set to 0.

(teldeffile = CALDB) [file]
Name of the input TELDEF file providing the coordinate systems of the SXI instrument, which is used fiducially to obtain sky coordinates (or CALDB).

(leapsecfile = REFDATA) [file]
Input leap second file (or CALDB, [REFDATA]).

(optaxis = 1215.5,1215.5,1215.5,1215.5,1215.5,1215.5,1215.5,1215.5) [string]
X and Y optical axis coordinates in FOC coordinates for HXI1, HXI2, SGD1, SGD2, SXI, and SXS instruments, respectively.

(cor2file = CALDB) [file]
Input cut-off rigidity Suzaku file (or CALDB).

(cor3file = CALDB) [file]
Input cut-off rigidity IGRF 2016 file (or CALDB).

(saafile = CALDB) [file]
Input SAA vertices for each instrument (or CALDB).

outehkfile [file]
Name of output EHK file.

outmkffile [file]
Name of output makefilter (MKF) file.

(attext = ATTITUDE) [string]
Name of the extension in the attitude file ('attfile') with pointing information.

(attform = EULER) [string]
Format of the input attitude column in the 'attext' extension of 'attfile'. Must be EULER or QUAT.

(attcol = EULER) [string]
Name of the input attitude column in the 'attext' extension of 'attfile'.

(orbext = ORBIT) [string]
Name of the extension in the orbit file ('orbfile').

(orbform = KEPLERIAN) [string]
Format of the input orbit velocity column in the 'orbext' extension of 'orbfile'. Must be VECTOR, COMPONENTS, or KEPLERIAN.

(orbcol = A,E,I,AN,AP,MA) [string]
Name of the input orbit columns in the 'orbext' extension of 'orbfile'.

(timecol = TIME) [string]
Name of the column containing mission time in the reference file.

(tstart = 0.0) [real]
Start of mission time interval of the output file [s]. If either tstart or tstop is 0.0, the time interval is set equal to the time range of the reference file if there is one, or else to that of the attitude file.

(tstop = 0.0) [real]
End of mission time interval of the output file [s]. If either tstart or tstop is 0.0, the time interval is set equal to the time range of the reference file if there is one, or else to that of the attitude file.

(bintime = 1.0) [real]
Time sampling interval of the output file [s].

(textend = 0.0) [real]
Time added to the beginning and end of the output file time interval, preceding tstart and following tstop [s].

(infileroot = ) [string]
Prefix of the input HK files for applying 'mkconf' file.

(buffer = -1) [integer]
Rows to buffer (-1=auto, 0=none, >0=numrows).

(clobber = no) [boolean]
Overwrites the existing output file if set to yes (yes/[no]).

(chatter = 1) [integer]
Chatter level for output. Set to 0 to suppress output, or to 1, 2, or 3 for increasing the chatter of the output.

(logfile = !DEFAULT) [string]
Log filename. If set to DEFAULT uses the name of the task and, if preceded by '!', overwrite the file if it exists. If set to NONE no log file is created.

(debug = no) [boolean]
Diagnostic output is printed out on the screen if set to yes (yes/[no]).

(history = yes) [boolean]
Records tool parameters in HISTORY ([yes]/no).

(mode = ql) [string ql|hl|q]
Mode to query the parameter file. Acceptable values include: 'ql' (query and learn/remember), 'hl' (hidden and learn/remember), 'q' (query but don't rem\ ember), 'h' (hidden).(Optional)


1. Run ahfilter using the configuration file in CALDB, and the attitude, orbit, and housekeeping files corresponding to sequence ah000507024.

    ahfilter mkfconf=ah_gen_mkfconf_20131001v004.fits attfile=ah000507024.att.gz orbfile=ah000507024.orb.gz reference=NONE \
    outehkfile=ahfilttest1.ehk outmkffile=ahfilttest2.mkf infileroot="ah000507024" clobber=yes


ahmkehk, makefilter, maketime


January 27 2016