hxisgddtime -- Calculate and correct for deadtime HXI and SGD spectra and lightcurves


hxisgddtime infile inlcfile inspectfile outlcfile outspecfile gtifile


'hxisgddtime' calculates the deadtime for either HXI or SGD spectra or lightcurves. The task needs the input light curve or a spectral file to be corrected, a file (or a list of files) containing the pseudo events and the GTI file used to produce the input lightcurve and the spectral file. The pseudo-event file (or list of files) is first screened using the science GTI to ensure simultaneity.
For the lightcurve correction : the pseudo events are binned with the same bin tine of the science data and for each bin the deadtime is calculated as deadtime= (RATE*TIMEDEL*FRACEXP)/(PSEUDOHZ*TIMEDEL*FRACEXP) where the RATE is count/s in the bin, TIMEDEL is the integration time , FRACEXP is the fractional exposure for each bin and PSUEDOHZ is the frequency with which the PSUESO event are injected in the data stream. The deadtime values are applied to RATE, ERROR and FRACEXP of the science lightcurve and the results stored in the three new columns RATE_CORR, ERROR_CORR, FRAC_CORR. For the spectra: the deadtime is derived as the total number of events in the pseudo files divided by the PSUEDOHZ*GTI where PSUEDOHZ is the frequency with which the PSUESO event are injected in the data stream and GTI is the sun of the science GTI. The deadtime value is applied to the exposure of the spectrum. If specified by the parameter merge (default is "yes"), the task then merges the lightcurves and/or spectra.


infile [filename]
Input pseudo event file (or @ file list).

inlcfile [filename]
Input lightcurve file (or @ file list).

inspecfile [filename]
Input spectral file (or @ file list).

outlcfile [filename]
Output file root name for lightcurve.

outfile [filename]
Output file root name for spectra and response.

gtifile [filename]
Input science GTI file (or @ file list).

(rspfile = in.rsp) [filename]
Input response file (or @ file list)

(phaseinfo = 400000,1.5,0-1) [string]
Phase filter info in spectra ([epoch,period,phase], NONE)

(merge = yes) [boolean]
Merge output lightcurves or spectra. The default is to merge ([yes]/no).

(expr = none) [string]
Additional expression to select good event or NONE

(mintimedel = 16) [real]
Minimum TIMEDEL for deadtime using pseudo events

(rspweight = 0.5) [string]
Weight factors for addrmf

(cleanup = yes) [boolean]
Delete temporary files ([yes]/no)

(clobber = no) [boolean]
Overwrites the existing output file if set to yes (yes/[no]).

(chatter = 1) [integer]
Chatter level for output. Set to 0 to suppress output, or to 1, 2, or 3 for increasing the chatter of the output.

(logfile = !DEFAULT) [string]
Log filename. If set to DEFAULT uses the name of the task and, if preceded by '!', overwrite the file if it exists. If set to NONE no log file is created.

(debug = no) [boolean]
Diagnostic output is printed out on the screen if set to yes (yes/[no]).

(history = yes) [boolean]
Records tool parameters in HISTORY ([yes]/no).

(mode = ql) [string ql|hl|q]
Mode to query the parameter file. Acceptable values include: 'ql' (query and learn/remember), 'hl' (hidden and learn/remember), 'q' (query but don't remember), 'h' (hidden).


1. Calculates deadtime for HXI and creates a lightcurve and a spectrum

    hxisgddtime infile=infile inlcfile=inlcfile  inspecfile=inspectfile outlcfile=outlcfile outfile=outfile merge=no 



February 2016