hxisgdmerge - Merge slew and pointing raw (unprocessed) event files for the HXI or SGD


hxisgdpha infile1 infile2 outfile


'hxisgdmerge' clones infile1 to outfile and then appends the rows from infile2 to the end of the new table. This is a very specialized tool that only operates on the raw (SFF) event files from the HXI or SGD, which cannot be merged using 'ftmerge' since they contain data in variable-length array columns. 'hxisgdmerge' does not work on other event files including HXI and SGD event files that have been processed using 'hxievtid' or 'sgdevtid'.


infile1 [filename]
First input Second FITS File (SFF) from HXI or SGD to be merged.

infile1 [filename]
Second Input Second FITS File (SFF) from HXI or SGD to be merged.

outfile [filename]
Output file in the Second FITS File (SFF) format.

(buffer = -1) [integer]
Rows to buffer (-1=auto, 0=none, >0=numrows).

(clobber = no) [boolean]
Overwrites the existing output file if set to yes (yes/[no]).

(chatter = 1) [integer]
Chatter level for output. Set to 0 to suppress output, or to 1, 2, or 3 for increasing the chatter of the output.

(logfile = !DEFAULT) [string]
Log filename. If set to DEFAULT uses the name of the task and, if preceded by '!', overwrite the file if it exists. If set to NONE no log file is created.

(debug = no) [boolean]
Diagnostic output is printed out on the screen if set to yes (yes/[no]).

(history = yes) [boolean]
Records tool parameters in HISTORY ([yes]/no).

(mode = ql) [string ql|hl|q]
Mode to query the parameter file. Acceptable values include: 'ql' (query and learn/remember), 'hl' (hidden and learn/remember), 'q' (query but don't remember), 'h' (hidden).


    1. Merge two files.
        hxisgdmerge infile1=sgd_sff_slew.fits infile2=sgd_sff_pnt.fits outfile=sgd_sff_out.fits


    hxisgdsff hxisgdpha


    February 2016