sxsanticolc - Extract SXS antico light curve(s) and spectra using optional screening criteria


sxsanticolc infile outroot


'sxsanticolc' is a script that takes an SXS antico event file and generates a light curve after optional cleaning. 'sxsanticolc' assumes that the input file has the PI column already calculated using the 'sxsanticopi' task.

The PSP can be selected using the pspid parameter. If pspid is not set to A or B, then all events are used.

Before calculating the light curve the event file is filtered for all GTI. Any input gtifile is merged with a GTI attached to the input event file as well as events between parameters lcstart and lcstop. The event file is then screened for events based on the expr parameter.

Once the event file has been filtered, the 'extractor' tool is run to create a light curve for each picut. The light curve contains bins between lcstart and lcstop. If lcstart or lcstop are set to -1 (default) then TSTART or TSTOP are used for the light curve start and stop times, respectively. Additional control parameters are lcthresh and lctzero. The columns RATE and ERROR are appended to the output lightcurve for each PI range with the range in the column name. For example, if the picut="0-12200,0-1200,1201-12200" then the RATE column names in the output file are: RATE0_12200, RATE0_1200 and RATE1201_12200.

Optionally, the extract parameter creates a spectrum using 'extractor' and the full PI range for antico events (PI=0:12200).


infile [file]
Input event file

outroot [string]
Root of output file names

(extract = yes) [boolean]
Extract spectrum ([yes],no)

(bintime = 1.0) [real]
Time bin in seconds (d/f= 1 sec)

(antpsp = A) [string]
Antico PSP to use in light curve (A=PSPA B=PSPB or NONE)

(expr = FLG_BASELINE==b0&&PI>=0&&PI<=12200&&DURATION>2&&DURATION<19) [string]
Expression for event columns selection (or NONE)

(gtifile = NONE) [string]
Input GTI file

(numlc = 1) [int]
Number of lightcurve to output (d/f=1)

(picut = 60-12200) [string]
PI ranges to create the lightcurve(s) (ex. 0-200,201-1000, etc.)

(lcstart = -1) [real]
Force the lightcurve to start at specific MET time (if -1 use the 1st start GTI)

(lcstop = -1) [real]
Force the lightcurve to stop at specific MET time (if -1 use the last stop GTI)

(lcthresh = 1) [real]
Lightcurve exposure threshold

(lctzero = no) [boolean]
Set the TIMEZERO to the first bin of the lightcurve (yes/[no])

(cleanup = yes) [boolean]
Delete temporary files ([yes]/no)

(clobber = no) [boolean]
Overwrite existing output file ([yes]/no)

(chatter = 2) [int]
Chatter level for output

(logfile = !DEFAULT) [string]
Output log file (DEFAULT, NONE; '!' to clobber)

(debug = no) [boolean]
Enable debug mode ([yes]/no)

(history = yes) [boolean]
Record tool parameters in HISTORY ([yes]/no)

(mode = ql) [string]
Mode of automatic parameters


1. Extract a lightcurve ( and spectrum (sxsanticolc.pha) using PSP A, specified GTI file and expression. Use a 20 second time bin with three energy ranges.

    sxsanticolc "infile=ah100050050sxs_a0ac_uf.evt" "outroot=sxsanticolc" "bintime=20" "antpsp=A" "expr=FLG_BASELINE==b0&&PI>=0&&PI<=12200&&DURATION>2&&DURATION<19" "gtifile=input/ah100050050sxs_el.gti[4]" "numlc=3" "picut=0-12200,0-1200,1201-12200"

2. Extract a lightcurve using PSP A with a 1 second bin time and constricting the lightcurve between lcstart and lcstop. The default energy range is used (0-12200)

    sxsanticolc "infile=input/ah100050050sxs_a0ac_uf.evt" "outroot=output/sxsanticolc" "bintime=1" "antpsp=A" "lcstart=70203712" "lcstop=70205402" "expr=NONE"


sxsanticopi extractor


December 2016