Over the next several weeks most HEASARC and associated pages will be transitioned to serve data only through the secure HTTPS protocol in accordance with the directives of the OMB. All affected HTTP links will be forwarded to the equivalent page using HTTPS. In many cases, notably for most web browsers, software will accommodate the forwarding automatically and you should see no difference other than the https: instead of http: in URL displayed in your browser. However some software may not follow links automatically (e.g., Java does not follow redirections automatically when the scheme changes) and may need to be modified or pointed directly to the HTTPS links.

Note that HTTPS links are already fully supported for the HEASARC web pages. We recommend that you begin using immediately. Then you should see no issues with the transition.

If you have questions now or as the transition occurs, please get in touch with the HEASARC help desk.

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Last modified: Thursday, 08-Sep-2016 14:40:36 EDT