INTEGRAL Users Committee Meeting

December 1, 2009, NASA GSFC, Building 34, Room 120A


Coffee 8:30
Welcome Gehrels 9:00
Opening Comments Leising 9:05
Mission Status & IUG Reports Gehrels/Leising/Skinner 9:15
NASA GI Program AO-7 Sturner 9:30
NASA HQ Report Bajpayee 9:45
Senior Review 2008 Review/2010 Preview Sturner/McConnell 10:00
Coffee Break ----- 10:30
Science Topic Discussion (15 min. each) 10:45
          Galactic Point Sources
                    Heavily Obscured HMXBs Tomsick
                    Superfast X-Ray Transients Pottschmidt
                    Black Hole Transients - State Transitions Tomsick
                    Cyclotron Resonant Lines Pottschmidt
                    Magnetars - SGRs & AXPs Hurley (Sturner)
Lunch Break ----- 12:00
Science Topic Discussion Continued (15 min. each) 12:45
          Galactic Point Sources
                    Polarization Studies McConnell
                    CVs & Galactic Diffuse Emission Shrader
                    Young SNRs Tomsick
          Gamma-Ray Lines
                    Galactic Annihilation Radiation Skinner/Rothschild
                    Galactic Nucleosynthesis Lines Hartmann (Leising)
                    Gamma-Ray Lines from SNR & Novae Leising
          Extragalactic Point Sources
                    Seyferts & Blazars Boettcher
                    GRBs Hurley (Sturner)
Coffee ----- 14:45
Science Topic Discussion Continued 15:00
          Synergy with Fermi and Swift Shrader/Gehrels
Discussion - scientific emphasis of proposal, path forward/schedule, etc. All 15:30
Adjourn ----- 16:30

User Committee Members: M. Leising, R.E. Rothschild, M. McConnell, J.A. Tomsick, M. Boetther
Ex-Officio Members: S. Sturner, K. Pottschmidt (NASA INTEGRAL GOF), N. Gehrels (US Project Scientist), G. Skinner (SPI Co-I), J. Bajpayee (NASA INTEGRAL Program Executive)
Program Scientist)