The US INTEGRAL Users Committee met on July 15, 2005 to discuss various issues related to the NASA Guest Investigator Program, and the future of NASA support of the mission in the US. The agenda, and a number of the view-graph presentations follow.

INTEGRAL Users Committee Meeting

Friday, July 15, NASA GSFC, Building 6, rm. W137
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Coffee, Snacks 8:30
1. Welcome & Introduction CS 9:00
         Mission Status; Overview of recent ISWT, IUG CK, BT
2. NASA GI Program: Current Status, Future CS, BT 9:30
         AO-3 Overview: Peer Review, Budget
         AO-4 and beyond
         HQ Perspective RH
3. Ongoing Activities: GOF, GIs, Co-Is CS 10:00
         SR04: Specific Criticisms, Recommendations
         Progress Since SR04: GOF Update
Coffee Break 10:45
         Archive, High-level data products, online services, OSA 5.0 SS, VB
4. US Science Issues: 12:00
         Journal Publications CS
         Major Topics: US Participation CK, All
                  Where are we absent? How to enhance?
         Reports on Co-I Activities MF, SB, BT
Lunch Break 12:30
5. Preparation and Planning for SR06 & AO4 All 1:30
         ESA policy on serendipitous targets CK, BT
                  Can we influence policy?
         Coordinated observations with other facilities? CK, All
         US Publication rate: How to improve? GI letter? All
Coffee Break 2:30
         AAS Special Session CS
         SW/data analysis Workshop? All
         Enhancement of EPO & PR efforts? CS, All
6. Summary All 3:30
          Other issues?
          Future Meetings
Adjourn 4:00

Presenters: CK (Chyrssa Kouveliotou), CS (Chris Shrader), BT (Bonnard Teegarden), RH (Rick Harnden), SS (Steve Sturner), VB (Volker Beckmann), MF (Mark Finger), SB (Steve Boggs), CD Chris Dudley, many more...