INTEGRAL Users Committee Meeting

November, 27, 2007, NASA GSFC, Building 2, rm. 8
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Coffee, Snacks 8:30
Welcome & Introduction Kouveliotou 9:00
Mission Status, ISWT, & IUG Reports Gehrels 9:10
Report on the INTEGRAL Workshop in Sardinia Skinner 9:25
NASA HQ Report Harnden/Smale 9:45
NASA GO Programs Status & Future Sturner/Harnden 10:00
GOF Activities
          Overview Sturner 10:15
          High-Level Data Products Pottschmidt 10:30
Coffee Break ----- 10:45
Co-I Institutional Reports 11:15
          UC-San Diego Rothschild 11:15
          UC-Berkeley Boggs
IUC Member Research Reports All 11:45
Collaborative INTEGRAL/Swift Projects Tueller 12:00
Lunch Break ----- 12:15
Senior Review Preparation 13:30
          Statistics - Proposals & Publications Sturner
          SR06 results and issues Shrader/Hartmann
          SR08 timeline and planning All
Coffee Break ----- 15:00
Senior Review Preparation (cont.) All 15:30
Adjourn ----- 16:30

User Committee Members: C. Kouveliotou, D. Hartmann, K. Hurley, M. Boettcher, M. McConnell, J. Tomsick, S. Starrfield
Intrument Team Co-I's: S. Boggs, G. Skinner
Ex-Officio Members: S. Sturner, K. Pottschmidt (NASA INTEGRAL GOF), N. Gehrels (US Project Scientist), J. Tueller (Deputy US Project Scientist), R. Harnden (NASA Program Scientist)
Guests: C. Shrader, G. Madejski