SPI processing of SVT-E data

SPI SVT-E data for scientific analysis

Not all science windows from SVT-E contain SPI data which can be analysed using the scientific offline analysis. Only data which where taken in OPERATIONAL mode can be used. The modes of the different science windows can be seen by using IOSM (click on "new Modes, Times" and select SPI). Or you just use the sicence windows listed below.

List of SCWs for scientific analysis
SCW ID Date Source Remarks
000200000082.000 15.1. 137Cs To produce a SPISKYMAX "background" image use one energy bin from 650-670 keV. Use this parameter file (copy it to $PFILES/blc_sa.par)
000200000092.000 15.1. 137Cs
000200000102.000 15.1. 137Cs
000200000112.000 15.1. 137Cs
000300000142.000 16.1. no source strong background lines around 1460 keV and 2870 keV
000400000072.000 17.1. no source Use this parameter file (copy it to $PFILES/blc_sa.par) to make an analysis of the background 40K line at 1460 keV (SPIROS and SPISKYMAX images).
000400000082.000 17.1. no source
000400000102.000 17.1. no source

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