XMM Slew Survey Sources
Credit:ESA/ XMM-Newton/ EPIC/ R.D. Saxton et al.

Just Passing By

Time is precious. Especially time on a 689 million Euro space telescope like XMM-Newton, one of the premiere X-ray satellite observatories currently in use by astronomers. This means that even when the telescope is slewing from one target to the next the telescope is taking data. You never know what you might come across. You might come across quite a lot, actually, as the recently-published XMM slew survey catalog clearly shows. The plot above shows sources detected in the slew survey, in Galactic coordinates (so that sources in the Milky Way appear across the middle of the plot, while sources beyond the Milky Way appear near the top and bottom). In this plot, brighter sources appear larger, and more energetic sources appear bluer. The 218 XMM-Newton slews resulted in more than 4700 detected sources - truly an astounding catch.
Published: September 29, 2008

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