Suzaku image of TeV source region - possible SNR?
Credit:Bamba et al. / ISAS/JAXA / Suzaku GOF

Mystery Spot

What is it, this mystery source detected by HESS, the High Energy Stereoscopic System, emitting at such enormous energies, up to the tera-electron volt range? No one knows. A new clue has been provided by the Suzaku X-ray observatory. Suzaku, with its capability for high sensitivity observations in the kilo-electron volt range, has imaged the region of space containing this HESS source. What was found was unusual: two keV sources with no obvious counterparts (except the TeV source found by HESS). One (or both?) may be associated with a heavily obscured supernova remnant. Which one is the TeV source? Both? Neither? Future observations will tell, and will help determine the true nature of these powerful, mysterious sources seen by HESS.

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