Optical and Swift UV/X-ray images of galaxies
Credit:NASA E/PO, Sonoma State University, Aurore Simonnet

Rogues' Gallery

The more eyes the merrier. Two eyes give depth to the Universe. The Swift satellite goes two better, providing spectacular views of the multiwavelength Universe from the optical through ultraviolet to X-ray and Gamma-rays. The power of this multiwavelength view is shown in the above gallery of galaxies. Visible band radiation and ultraviolet radiation seen by Swift's Ultraviolet and Optical Telescope (UVOT) show, respectively, emission dominated by sunlike stars where planetary systems bearing life might form, and star forming regions containing more massive stars which cook up the elements needed for life. X-ray images from the Swift XRT show gas heated by the explosive deaths of stars, along with the compact cinders left behind by these deaths, neutron stars and black holes. These multiwavelength views provided by Swift are especially powerful when used to view the transient universe, especially the enormously powerful gamma-ray bursts.
Published: August 18, 2008

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