GLAST and LAT integration
Credit:General Dynamics C4 Systems

LAT and GLAST - Together at Last

The Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope, or GLAST, is an upcoming space observatory to explore, as its name implies, the gamma-ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum. GLAST will measure this high energy emission, which is produced by some of the most powerful, exotic processes known to humankind - black holes swallowing enormous clouds of gas, exploding stars, matter and anti-matter annihilation. GLAST is now nearly complete after its main instrument, the Large Area Telescope, or LAT, was integrated onto the spacecraft in mid-December 2006. The observatory is still undergoing testing, and awaits the integration of two out of 14 of the GLAST Burst Monitor modules. These modules should be integrated onto the spacecraft in January 2007. GLAST is scheduled for launch in late 2007.

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