Astronomy Resources for Educators, Students, and the Public at the HEASARC

The HEASARC provides a number of facilities for interested audiences - students, educators, and the general public - to learn more about the universe. The general public and students from elementary school to college age will find informative material on topics ranging from the solar system to black holes to distant galaxies. Materials for educators include activities and lesson plans using concepts from high energy astrophysics as a hook for fundamental science and math topics.

Links below will take you to pages discussing a wide variety of astronomy topics.

Main Education Sites

  • Imagine the Universe Ages 14 - adult, with a special area for educators
    The Imagine the Universe website explores distant galaxies, massive black holes, brilliant gamma-ray bursts, and the origin of the universe itself for interested astronomers ages 14 and up. The site also shares information about how scientists know what we know, what mysteries remain, and how we might one day find the answers to these questions.
  • StarChild Ages 5-13
    StarChild is a learning center for young astronomers ages 5-13 to learn about the solar system, galaxy and universe beyond.
  • Ask an Astrophysicist All ages
    Have a question about astronomy, objects beyond the solar system, or being an astronomer? Read the archive available at this site, and feel free to ask your own question if it hasn't already been answered.
  • APOD All ages
    Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
  • HEAPOW All ages
    Each week the HEASARC scours the archive of X-ray and gamma-ray observations to bring you new, exciting and beautiful images.

Resources by Audience

  • Astronomy for Students
    A list of the sites host for students doing research projects and for those interested in reading further about general and high-energy astronomy.
  • Educator Resources
    Online and print resources for formal and informal educators, including programs, lesson plans, classroom activities, and background material.
  • Resources for Scientists
    Presentations, images, useful links aimed at technical audiences.

Other NASA Astronomy Education Resources

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