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Imagine thumbnail Imagine the Universe! Teacher Corner - Lesson plans for math and science using high-energy astronomy as engagement. Also links to posters and activity booklets.
(Imagine Home)
StarChild thumbnail Starchild Teacher Corner - Using StarChild's activities on general astronomy topics with your class, and additional lesson plans.
(StarChild Home)
Astro-E2 thumbnail Astro-E2 Lessons - Student projects and lesson plans on x-ray spectroscopy.
(Astro-E2 Learning Center Home)
RXTE thumbnail RXTE Teacher Resources - Lesson plans on black holes and x-ray astronomy, and utilizing RXTE data in your classroom. Includes materials for building your own RXTE satellite model.
(RXTE Learning Center Home)
Swift thumbnail Swift Classroom Materials - Lesson plans and actvities, satellite model, song, and museum slides.
(Swift E&PO Home)
XMM thumbnail XMM-Newton Classroom Materials - Lesson plans about elements, electromagnetic radiation, and new technology.
(XMM Learning Center Home)

Without online teacher resources

Cosmic & Heliospheric thumbnail Cosmicopia - Information about cosmic rays, the sun and space weather.
Cosmic Distance Scale thumbnail The Cosmic Distance Scale - Discover the cosmic distances separating us from the nearest stars to the furthest galaxies.
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Print materials

Copies of selected materials may be requested via the Imagine the Universe! site.

With on-line equivalents

StarChild posters and booklets

  • Life Cycles of Stars
  • Black Holes
  • Gamma Ray Bursts

    Imagine the Universe posters and booklets

  • Life Cycles of Stars
  • The Anatomy of Black Holes
  • Gamma Ray Bursts
  • The Hidden Lives of Galaxies
  • What is Your Cosmic Connection to the Elements?


  • XTE Booklet - Shedding a New Light on the Universe
  • Got Calcium Lithograph

    Without on-line equivalents

    The Imagine/StarChild/APOD CD-ROM - 8th Edition (2004)

    Other Astronomy Resources

  • NASA Education Homepage
  • Education Forum for the Structure and Evolution of the Universe

  • Curator: Meredith Gibb

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