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This section provides the information necessary to determine the feasibility of a proposed WFC observation. This section should be used in conjunction with Chapter 5 gif,which provides a technical description of the WFC and its scientific performance, and § 7.8.4 gif which discusses the expected WFC background. Sections 12.2gif and 12.3gif discuss the count rate sensitivity and conversion of fluxes to count rates for assumed source spectra. The capability of the WFC to make spectral measurements using observations with different filters is outlined in § 12.4 gif, whilst in § 12.5 gif the WFC is compared with the EXOSAT CMA instrument. Section 12.6gif highlights the potential problems of the UV leakage of some of the filters. Sections 12.7 gif and 12.8gif discuss the capability of the WFC to make variability studies, and for determining source positions (or studying extended sources) respectively.

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