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International proposal evaluation

The three participating agencies (BMFT, NASA, SERC) independently define their national proposal lists. The task of the International ROSAT Users' Comittee (IUC) is to combine the three national programs into the ROSAT observing program. This observing program should be devoid of unnecessary duplications among the nationally defined observing programs. The removal of redundant proposals occurs in such a way that the national observing programs are changed as little as possible. For the selection between competing proposals the IUC uses the priority and observing time allocated by the national selection committees. The international ROSAT Users' Committee recommends a final ROSAT observing program to BMFT and reports back to the national committees about any changes to the individual national observing programs. Note that it may happen as a result of the IUC recommendations that a nationally approved proposal will be nevertheless rejected on the international level because of a competing proposal sponsored by another agency.

BMFT will approve the ROSAT observing program on the basis of the IUC recommendations.

It is the responsibility of the national selection committees to inform the proposers through the respective data centers about the status of their proposals after the IUC's proposal selection meeting.

Michael Arida
Tue Jun 11 16:18:41 EDT 1996