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Absolute Flux Calibration


Simultaneous PSPC (survey) plus Ginga data are in reasonably good agreement at 1 keV, indicating a good absolute flux calibration of the PSPC. AGN datasets have been analysed and written-up in the proceedings of the Garching AGN meeting of 91 November [Pounds et al.1992, Staubert1992]. These agree to within 10% in the overlap regime. While many of those sources have complex spectra and cannot be used for this study, there are some good calibration sources such as 3C 272 (where the break to a soft excess is well below the overlap region).   The background flux in the 1/4 keV band was compared to the Wisconsin, SAS-3, and HEAO-1 A-2 all-sky survey data and the agreement is again good to within about tex2html_wrap_inline17173 %.

The overlap of Galactic sources are disappointing in the sense that many are weak hard X-ray sources and in many cases the analysis of the ROSAT/Ginga data is incomplete.

One unresolved discrepancy is that the PSPC data from N132D show a flux tex2html_wrap_inline17175 30% higher than that indicated by the BBXRT and Einstein SSS data for the same source (the latter two agree well).    The IPC flux of N132D, however, agrees well with the PSPC.  

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