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Raymond-thermal Spectrum Example

What is the conversion factor from counts (50% in detect cell) per second to energy flux for a particular spectrum? For example, a Raymond-Smith Plasma with a temperature corresponding to 1 keV and a column of tex2html_wrap_inline17795  cm tex2html_wrap_inline17797 (log(N tex2html_wrap_inline17799 ). The ECF for this spectral model is taken from Table 11.4 of Figure 11.6, it is tex2html_wrap_inline17801 . That is, a flux of tex2html_wrap_inline17803  ergs cm tex2html_wrap_inline17805  s tex2html_wrap_inline17807 in the ROSAT energy band (0.1 to 2.4 keV) will give a count rate of tex2html_wrap_inline17809  counts s tex2html_wrap_inline17811 in the HRI. Inverting this relationship gives the result that 1 count s tex2html_wrap_inline17815  ergs cm tex2html_wrap_inline17817  s tex2html_wrap_inline17819 . In general the conversion factor from counts per second (50% in detect cell) to energy flux is given by: 1 count s tex2html_wrap_inline17821 /ECF ergs cm tex2html_wrap_inline17823  s tex2html_wrap_inline17825 .

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