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Spectral Response

The earliest Crab spectral data are PI data (Trümper).  These now reside in the ROSAT archive (sequence 500065F is a boron filter observation of the Crab).  Boron filter observations of HZ 43 (100113F); N132D (100130F); AR Lac (100588F), and other sources are important to spectral studies are in the archive as well.  Observations of constant X-ray sources such as white dwarves (HZ 43 and Meaty) and SNR (N132D) allow the project to monitor variations in the response of the detector.    Calibration observations such as these are combined with calibration line data from the on-board Al K tex2html_wrap_inline18011 calibration source are used in the spectral calibration.  For details of the pulse height channel to pulse invariant channel conversion, see Chap. 8.

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