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8.1 Purpose

The ROSAT standard analysis software system (SASS) is designed to handle the scientific data output produced by ROSAT. It is able to process the data from the all-sky survey and the pointing phase in an automatic way and produces scientific results in the form of hard-copies (print-outs, plots) and data files, which can be further analyzed by off-line S/W packages like EXSAS, PROS, ASTERIX, etc..    SASS consists of three major S/W packages, one for the PSPC data, one for the HRI data, and one for steering the data processing. SASS has been developed by MPE with the contribution of the HRI S/W package from SAO.

The data are processed by the ROSAT science data centers (RSDC)  of MPE and GSFC located at Garching (Ger.) and Greenbelt (MD, U.S.), respectively, almost immediately upon their arrival from the GSOC at Oberpfaffenhofen.  Both centers are responsible for distributing the ROSAT data from the pointed observations to the guest observers. The data of the all-sky survey is property of MPE and is handled exclusively by the RSDC at Garching. The data will be public after careful reduction in form of appropriate catalogues.  

If you have problems/suggestions please send mail to rosat_svc@mpe-garching.mpg.de