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8.4 Data Output of the All-Sky Survey


The main objectives of the first all-sky survey in soft X-rays are the creation of a catalogue with X-ray sources and their properties and the generation of a sky map of the diffuse X-ray background. SASS correlates the ROSAT all-sky survey sources (RASS) recorded by the PSPC detector with the about tex2html_wrap_inline18091 entries of the SIMBAD catalogue as well as with 94 user-supplied catalogues with approximately tex2html_wrap_inline18093 entries. These user-supplied catalogues --classified according to their observation method (radio, IR, X-ray, tex2html_wrap_inline18095 -ray band) or their object class (stars, galaxies, cluster of galaxies, supernova remnants, cataclysmic varables)-- are supplied by the ROSAT scientific working groups at MPE to help in identifying the new X-ray sources. In addition, for each RASS source finding charts are produced for follow-up observations using the ROE/NRL object catalogue for the southern sky (on-line) and the HST object catalogue for the northern sky (off-line) [Voges1992].

If you have problems/suggestions please send mail to rosat_svc@mpe-garching.mpg.de