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9.1 Product Overview

The purpose of the ROSAT Data Archive (RDA) is to make ROSAT data products available to all users for further detailed analyses.   These data products are identical to the FITS products  which were distributed to the principle investigator  who proposed the observation. In order to divide the workload between the data centers at MPE\ and GSFC, it was decided that the responsibility for release of data to the archive falls to the ROSAT data center which distributed the data set to the PI - that is, data sets obtained by German or U.K. PIs are released to the archive by MPE, while data sets obtained by U.S. PIs are released to the archive by GSFC.  In addition, the data are archived in the same format in which it was distributed to the PI.

The RDA provides access to data which resulted from the initial (REV0) processing by SASS, as well as access to data which were processed (or re-processed) by updated versions of the processing system (REV1, REV2). Below we discuss the data products which are archived as a result of REV0, REV1, and REV2 processings. Users should also note that the REV2 archive constitutes the ``official'' ROSAT Data Archive.   

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