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Information Services


The German data centre at MPE provides electronic services through the so-called ROSAT service area (rosat_svc), accessible via anonymous FTP and world-wide web services like MOSAIC or NETSCAPE (see address header). Entering the service area the user finds information and data stored in a tree like directory structure. Each directory contains a file `contents.doc' listing the available information. The files `help.doc' and `updates' in the top level directory provide help and list the names of new or updated files. Information is grouped into the following main directory branches:

archive archive info, utilities, entry to ROSAT data archive
calibration instrument calibration related info and data
doc ROSAT project and utility documents
exsas EXSAS software, updates, bug lists
processing status, shipping lists, bug lists
general general items like status, publications, news
timeline mission timelines, observation logs


Example session:

% ftp rosat_svc.mpe-garching.mpg.de   connect to the Service Area
                         user: anonymous; password: e-mail address
ftp> cd general          move to directory general 
ftp> get help.doc        copy 'help.doc' to your current directory
ftp> cd ../calibration   change to directory calibration
ftp> get pspc_cal.info   copy file
ftp> bye                 leave the Service Area

If you have problems/suggestions please send mail to rosat_svc@mpe-garching.mpg.de